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Halp, I can haz it? (>* 3*)>

 Okay, so I have a meetup tomorrow, and I need help. I don't necessarily have something I HAVE to wear, but I have things that I like and need some help with potential coords. Any opinions or general help would be great!

On to pics

Skirt : Wonder Party
Blouse: White or Pink
Shoes: Blue Tea Parties
Purse: Blue Star
Head Bow: Pink Pearl
Socks: dots
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So what do you gals and guys thins


This has got to be one of the prettiest dresses AP has ever put out. I could see me wearing this out and in lolita.

I wish I had a unlimited money, cause I am seriously lusting after this, but this too shall pass. I hope no one likes it and it gets super discounted, because i will totally make an exception for this dress. :)


As I am convinced everyone on my f-list has seen this movie, and that i am too tired to comment seperated on 5 different post, i will just say this.

SEE IT, F******** AWESOME.

P.s. the dude who plays Arthur is so HOT!

I am so tired

So after many hours of ....stuff. I have my lucky packs.

Contents of this post
Hell Cat Punks
Metamorphose small pack
Metamorphose Quiet color
Things I've gotten recently




Why are all of my posts either about lolita, cosplay, or things that make me laugh. It's like there is nothing going on in my life besides that.

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In other news, Jewelry Jelly in black is still up on fururun.com 2 DAYS AFTER IT WAS RELEASED. I expected it to sell in 5 minutes, but apparently this print is not that sought after. I keep checking back on it to see when it will sell out. Oh fururun, you're prices are to die for.

I actually got into fururn randomly. I was bored and started looking through their stock after finding out about it on egl. The had Wonder Party in Black, the JSK, NEW, for only 20,000 yen. I slipped OUT. I told all the people who cared about this super awesome dress that I wanted. The dress didn't actually go on sale for some amount of time, it was in a see, but can't buy state. So I got an account, sent an email asking to buy it, everything in my power....but I failed. Even though i kept refreshing and refreshing, i took a 15 minute break and in that time somebody else bought it ( ; n ; )......I was crushed. But i have found some pretty sweet deals on fururun so i guess alls well that end okayish?

So the world is conspiring against me, which sucks! GRRRRR!

I had a pretty hard time getting things set up due to various reasons here ;at CISCO. I don't really mind though because they still pay me to be frustrated. However, at&t does not pay me to do that. My phone is not able to send out texts and I need to call in to get that hassle fixed, it's been about a week of this nonsense. It is such a pain to call people back when all they requires is a yes/no answer.

But onto more frilly things. I have had a very loli packed 2 weeks or so. I went to my local convention and got dolled up each day. Pics to come (; _ ;) sorry it is taking so long. I also went to a Thursday night meet-up and say Sherlock Holmes for the second time(still very good, mmm Jude Law). We then had a picnic on saturday that was a lot of fun! I got to hang with really awesome girls, and got a lot of great pics....which will follow when i get on my other comp.  I then got to see "A murder is announced" the Agatha Cristy novel turned play in loli. :D

School on the other hand has been a bummer. This ANT 261 class is really hard, lots of reading and remember of things I less than care about. I can't wait for it to be over, but I really need an A- if at all possible. I got a 64 on the first quiz and a 75 on the first week posting, so I can't slack at all. This is the first time I have every had problems with a humanities course. I've got my work cut out for me.

Also, my phone has reached the end. I have decided to go ahead and get a new phone. I'm about to pay for this baby right here.

She will be purchased of newegg. I'll get the case and sd card off amazon.

I also need, well really WANT a new sewing machine. My current brother is wonky, and need professional help, It is 5 years old, and only cost 88 dollars at the time, so i wonder if it is even worth it to pay to fix it. I want the beauty right here.

One step button making, and automatic tension finder. She is a beauty, and hopefully this will get me back into the habit of sewing. I have gotten too used to buying lolita honestly. I got some really cute fabric I could make a really cute op out of, and I have yet to finish that checkered skirt. Hopefully this will be the motivation I need! ^3^ 

Writer's Block: Oh no not I

How do you recover from a bad break-up? The proverbial pint of ice cream? Quality time alone? Going out with friends? What are your personal healing strategies?

I believe that there is no other way to get over any relationship than time.  Well time, and positive thoughts. I've only ever had 1 "real", huge quotes, relationship. Even thought it wasn't that bad, I still thought bout him for a long time. Eventually I got over him and that's all there is to it. I think you just need to keep remining yourself that you are WORTH the work and the effort, and deserve a lot better that you got, or that there are plenty more fish in the sea. That applies ot EVERYBODY regardless of anything. I think doing things to take your mind of of him or her  is theraputic, but I don't condone jumping into a relationship soon afterwards. That's like peeling a scab, it feels good in the begining, but then you end up bleeding and scarring. That's all the really is to it. I also don't plan on being in a relationship for a while, so, no big hurry over here. I'm focusing on finding out who I am and living for God. That and fashion...my goodness I need to learn how to dress.